OGS (837290) Successfully Listed onto NEEQ

On the morning of Sep. 9th, a day embodying Chinese meaning of “lasting long” in this cool autumn, TSC Oil and Gas Services Group Holdings Ltd. (“OGS”) hosted a bell ringing ceremony for successfully listing onto the National Equities Exchange and Quotations system (“NEEQ”). OGS’s Chairman, Mr. Zhang Menggui, OGS’s General Manager, Mr. Chen Yunqiang, OGS’s dominate shareholder and TSC’s Chairman, Mr. Jiang Binghua, president of TSC Offshore business group, Mr. Wang Yong and other senior managers from OGS all attended this ceremony.

OGS’s Chairman, Mr. Zhang Menggui delivered a speech in the ceremony. He firstly extended his sincere thanks to some intermediary institutions such as the Stock Transfer Centre, security traders and law firms. He also conducted an objective analysis on current oil & natural gas industry as well as OGS’s outstanding performances in such adverse situations, and then made a commitment for the future development to investors. Afterwards, Mr. Zhang, on behalf of OGS (837290), rang the bell the symbol of starting trading of OGS’s stock. It also open the prelude of OGS officially entering into Chinese Mainland’s capital market. It is exactly Mr. Zhang said that, “as far as we have tied the knot, what we will do is to focus on the daily routine to live well.”

That night, a banquet to celebrate OGS’s successful listing was held. More than 70 representatives from investment organizations, strategic partners, industry associations, brokers, law firms, and OGS’s management team participated the banquet to witness the significant moment of OGS. Mr. Chen Yunqiang, OGS’s General Manager in his speech extended his gratitude to the guests and OGS’s supportive partners and investors outside. Mr. Zhang Menggui and Mr. Jiang Binghua all expressed their best wishes in the toast for bright future of OGS. They appealed for the entrepreneurship of perseverance when TSC’s listed its shares on the main board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. With such spirits, OGS will build a world-class Chinese brand, and is willing to occupy the blue sea market amid the industry winter, so as to pay back to and win confidence from all shareholders and investors.

OGS’s successful listing onto the NEEQ is the starting point. Now, OGS will leverage the capital market to develop new value-added products and technologies, which will link both products and services businesses in a larger scale with the new business model by relying on one outstanding advantage. OGS will gradually enhance its market share and competitive power to write a new chapter for the oil & gas service industry.

[ABOUT OGS (837290)] OGS is a TSC Group Holdings Limited (“TSC”) (HK 00206) wholly owned subsidiary, incorporated in Qingdao. Currently, OGS is comprised of 8 subsidiaries globally and has a registered capital of 190 million yuan. OGS has a facility in Qingdao covering 100 acres of space and an engineering technology center in Houston, US. The company’s main business includes the manufacturing and supply and services of maintenance, repair and operation (“MRO”) expendables for the oil and gas industries. It also invests certain oil and gas properties in the North America. OGS has manufacturing facilities, service and sales offices located in China, USA, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, Dubai and Russia.

[ABOUT TSC Group(00206 HK))] TSC, a HKEx main board listed company, specializes in the engineering, manufacturing and assembly of high-end offshore equipment and packages for all types offshore rigs world-wide. TSC provides versatile offshore infrastructure solutions for global offshore oil & gas exploration and development, including offshore rigs, production platforms, intervention platforms, accommodation platforms, plug and abandonment, decommissioning platforms as well as other offshore infrastructures.