Steel Cutting Ceremony Held for R-550D AOD2 (H6006) Main Hull

On March 25, 2016, Alliance Offshore Drilling (AOD), a wholly owned subsidiary of TSC Group Holdings Limited (“TSC”) held a steel cutting ceremony for the second R-550D (H6006) jack-up drilling unit, AOD2 at CSSC Huangpu Wenchong Shipyard (“HPWS”) in Guangzhou, China. AOD and HPWS entered into a contract to construct the rig in June 2015, following the positive market response received for the first R-550D jack up rig, which recently completed its full jacking trial and is in the final phase of installation and commissioning at HPWS. Notably, a steel cutting ceremony for the R-550D AOD2 rig was held in October, 2015 followed by a keel laying ceremony in December, 2015.

The R-550D is a Zentech designed, high-specification ABS classed mobile offshore jack-up drilling unit, capable of operating in water depths of up to 400 feet. The rig features an extended cantilever reach, zero discharge, high capacity drilling systems and high performance features which are optimized to increase both safety and efficiency. The rig is highly regarded as one of the most progressive rigs being built in China and is the result of strong cooperation between Zentech, HPWS and TSC.

Moreover, on March 26th, AOD carried out a welding inspection for the first batch of racks and chords. These racks and chords are supplied by TSC subsidiary, Zhengzhou TSC Offshore Equipment Co., Ltd (TSC-ZZ). TSC-ZZ is a high-tech organization specializing in the research, development, sales and service of jacking systems, fixation systems, extended cantilever reach systems, raw water tower jacking systems as well as leg and rack materials for jack-up rigs. TSC-ZZ has obtained ABS certification for its products and continues to serve a pioneer in the jacking system and rack cutting industry.