TSC successfully completed P32 220tonees crane factory acceptance test

In 30th Oct 2017, TSC Group Holdings Limited (“TSC”) wholly owned subsidiary, EMER International Limited (“EMER”) successfully completed the factory acceptance test (FAT) of the P32 deck cranes in Qingdao OE plant, the crane was supplied for H6001 Liftboat for CSSC Huangpu Wenchong Shipyard (“HPWS”) and will be delivered and installed by mid Nov, 2017. The crane is a high-end slew bearing type with capacity of 220 tonnes on the larger unit, maximum working range is 48,2m and designed working temperature ranged from 0-55℃. The FAT includes functional tests, load tests and 1.1 times maximum safe working load overload tests. Before the FAT, TSC also complete the product type test in accordance with the requirements of API specification.

TSC invited the shipowner and shipyard representatives and ABS surveyors to witness the whole FAT process, the entire process went smooth with every parameters of the indicators are in line with customer and technical agreement requirements. The FAT had been highly recognized by shipowners. The success of the FAT marks the official entry of TSC into the heavy marine crane market. At the same time, It also shows that TSC has reached a new level of capability in the design, manufacture, delivery and quality control of offshore cranes.

P series crane is TSC independent research and development in recent years slew bearing type cranes, which has developed into a full range of products. P series cranes can meet the requirements of various tonnage from 15 tons to 1,200 tons and can cover all kinds of production platforms, jack-up drilling platforms, semi-submersible drilling platforms, multi-functional platforms, wind power installation platforms, offshore support vessels, etc. Marine equipment requirements of the crane. The P Series cranes, together with the King post type cranes, will enrich and refine TSC’s crane products line, with which TSC will provide customers with tailor-made offshore solutions.

The shipowner of this project is Zentech, Inc. (“Zentech”), beside the delivery of this P32 220toones cranes, it also included another two P10 70tonnes cranes which had been delivered in this Sep 2017. The successful implementation of this project is an extension and good embodiment of the three strategic partnerships of TSC, Zentech and HPWS, and marks the recognition of TSC’s product quality and delivery capacity.