TSC win liftboat jacking system contract

In October 2017, TSC Group Holdings Limited (TSC) wholly owned subsidiary, Zhengzhou TSC Offshore Equipment Co., Ltd. (Zhengzhou TSC) entered into a contract with CTW for the supply of a jacking system for a liftboat which is designed by Tianjin De-sail and to be constructed by BSHI. This is the 2nd contract recent won by Zhengzhou TSC for lift boat jacking systems. The contracted delivery time is end of 2018. The supply is for a full set of SJ220 jacking systems which includes 56 sets of SJ220-VP jacking units complete with VFD electronic control systems and certification to ABS Classification standards. The award of this contract is notable in view of current market conditions and demonstrates TSC’s strong engineering and manufacturing capabilities and acceptance in the market.

Also, in Aug 2017, a similar SJ220 jack system was fully installed and commissioned on the Self-Propelled Liftboat Design SE-200LB completed and delivered by Guangxin Shipbuilding & Heavy Industry Co Ltd (GSHI). The system was also equipped with TSC’S VFD electronic control jacking system. The performance indicators and operational features of the jacking system was highly recognized by both the shipyard and ship owner. This lays a solid foundation for TSC to expand its jacking system market for liftboat.
These new contracts demonstrate TSC’s perseverance and determination in building a good reputation in the industry.