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The TSC ram BOP can effectively control wellhead pressure to prevent blowout related accidents during drilling and workover operations.
  • When there is a well string, the ram BOP can be coupled with a ram assembly to seal the annual space between the casing and tubing string;
  • When there is no well string, the ram BOP can be coupled with full sealing disc assembly to close the wellhead;
  • When there is a tight type damper control device and the situation is urgent, the ram BOP can be coupled with a shear ram cut tubing string in the well, to seal the entire mouth of the well.
  • In the event that the ram BOP has closed, sealing the well, it can be connected to the outlet side of the choke & choke manifold kill blowout to conduct well washing and other special operations.
  • Upper and lower connection: the upper flange, planted wire, clamp connection; the lower flange, planted, clamp wire connection.
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