PeopleSoft Engineer

дочерняя компания:TSC-BJ
Дата размещения:22 Sep 2015
код вакансии:BJ001
количество мест:1
Essential Job Functions:

1. Be responsible for the implementation of PeopleSoft HCM in Group;
2. Conduct secondary development for PeopleSoft, include page, table, work flow and interface development;
3. Responsible for maintenance of software and hardware of HCM;
4. Manage DBS (Oracle, SQL server) and ensure the safe, reliable and normal operation;
5. Monitor and optimize the DBS and server.

Education, Skills, Abilities, and Experience Required:

1. Over two-year experience in PeopleSoft system development, with clear recognize on PeopleSoft system organization, be proficient in Core HR and ePerformance models, familiar with development of AWE and XMLP;
2. Be proficient in daily management of Oracle and SQL Server system, with relevant experience of database backup and recovery;
3. With experience related to server hardware monitor, such as CPU, network, content and storage etc;
4. Be familiar with Linux and Unix system;
5. Good communication skill, strong learning ability, with teamwork spirit;
6. Excellent problem solving skill, cross function to discuss problems from the perspective of business department;
7. With experiences in Microsoft .net and SharePoint 2013 is preferred.

If you are interested in this position, please send your resume to email: recruiting@t-s-c.com