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TSC Corporation North Houston Facility
About: TSC Group Holdings Limited’s (TSC) Houston-based subsidiary, TSC Corporation, opened its API 4F facility, located in Houston’s northwest industrial park area in April, 2015. The new North Houston Rosslyn (NHR) facility boasts 53,000 ft² of manufacturing space and 80 tons of overhead crane capacity, along with 5 acres of stabilized rig-up yard. Additionally, its 17 welding machines and in-house certified welding inspector enable TSC to offer clients a flexible solution for fabrication, whether for onshore or offshore services.
Location: Houston, Texas USA

TSC M&S Houston Facility
About: The TSC M&S Houston facility is a global MRO (maintenance, repair and operation) sales, distribution and warehouse facility. The facility covers 140,000ft², featuring office, warehouse and repair space. 
Location: Houston, Texas USA

TSC Corporation
About: TSC Corp. is one of TSC's main manufacturing facilities. It serves as the global headquarters of TSC's land rig business unit and related products. TSC’s land rig business unit works with all other global offices to provide land rig equipment packages, repair and upgrade solutions as well as spare parts. TSC's Houston facility also provides upgrade, repair and on-site services for all onshore and offshore rigs operating in North America.
Location: Houston, Texas USA

TSC Midland Facility
About: TSC's Midland facility provides sales, upgrade and spare parts services to all clients operating in the region. The facility also provides rental services for mud pumps and mud tank systems. 
Location: Midland, Texas USA

TSC Aberdeen Office
About: The TSC Aberdeen office provides sales, service, repair and other supporting activities to clients operating in the North Sea and other European countries.
Location: Aberdeen, UK

TSC Shipley Office
About: The TSC Shipley office is the headquarters of TSC's rig mech BU, which works with other global offices to provide rig mechanization products, services and spare parts.
Location: Shipley, UK

TSC Brazil (Macae)
TSC's Macae facility features almost 54,000ft² of warehouse. The facility is primarily focused on the sales, service, rental and distribution of all TSC products, to clients in Brazil.
Location: Macae, Brazil

TSC Group Holdings Qingdao Manufacturing Facility
TSC's newest China facility is its largest, boasting over 1.8 million ft² of space. The facility focuses on the manufacturing of land rigs, mud pumps, solid control equipment and rig mechanization products.
Location: Qingdao, China

TSC Offshore & Equipment Co., Ltd (TSC-OE) 
TSC Offshore & Equipment Co., Ltd (TSC-OE) serves as TSC's global crane manufacturing center.
Location: Qingdao, China

TSC-HHCT Control and Drive Technology Co., Ltd (TSC-HHCT)
About: TSCwas the company's first manufacturing facility, having opened in 2001. The facility manufactures a wide range of control and drive systems. 
Location: Xi'an, China

CMIC Ocean En-Tech Holding Co.,Ltd.
About: This office servces as the main office for communicating with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, TSC investors and shareholders.
Location: Hong Kong