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Environmental Fluid Management System

The Environmental Fluid Management Systems (EFMS) is an integrated system of solids control, fluid recovery and drilling waste management equipment masterfully packaged into a single mud tank configuration.

An ideal solution for operations drilling in zero-discharge environments, the EFMS eliminates the need for a reserve pit and drastically reduces site reclamation requirements. The system connects directly to the flow line, making integration into existing drilling rigs as a simple exercise.

The EFMS works to maximize seperation of solids and liquids, while comprehensively managing both phases after seperation. Discarded cuttings are prepared for off-site disposal through an automated system of screw conveyors; drilling fluids are recycled and primed for re-use in the active mud-system.

The TSC EFMS features an extensive product line which includes cutting drying packages and polymer injection systems.
  • Single mud tank configuration
  • Operation drilling in zero-discharge environments
  • No reserve pit needed, which reduces site area
  • Maximize separation of solids and liquids.
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